Homework - January 18th, 2018


Wear your PJs this Friday, It's Pajama Day!

- Kleenex boxes

- IT Agenda 

- Get everything in your Red Duotang signed

Math Practice book: Grade 8 Math Practice book 

History Textbook: myNelsonHistory

Mathcheck Gmail
Science-Keywords (Overdue) Finish if you haven't
-p.g 41 q. 2 and 3
Language-Get everything signed ( Essay, Monologue, History Quiz)

-Bring materials for Advertisement re-write

History - Teen Teacher Project
- Finish RAN chart
 Finish sticky notes for teen teacher
Music-Hand-in independent projects of you haven't handed it in
French - Finish assigned readings
Drama- Soliloquy presentations begin Jan 29th
Art - Art Portfolio project due this Thursday