Classroom Leaders

Tech Team: Tristen and Vaibhav

Board Of Trustees: Agatha and Rabia

Library Leaders: Zainab and Jasneet

DPA Leaders: Hoda, Liam and Mohammed

Class Ambassadors: Saad and Sama N.

Ruth Restaurant:

Athletic Council: Hoda, Melody and Jaylen

Radio 5605: Kareem, Palak and Mohmmed

Attendance Monitors: Hoda

Clipboard Monitor: Agatha

Agenda Checker: Liam

Handout Helpers: Vaibhav and Amir

Homework Checkers: Jasneet and Sama N.

Time Tracker: Saad

Recycling Team: Jaylen and Jacob

Chalkboard Monitors: Liam and Sama N.

Lunch Monitors: Vaibhav and Amir